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StayPrivate was born of a need but driven by a vision. A vision of the ‘internet on your terms’. Where we, the users, control how and where our data is used. StayPrivate is on a mission to provide private email for everyone.

What started as a solution to an immediate business need – to be able to communicate sensitive information securely, privately, and conveniently – has now evolved into the answer to a question that is top of mind for individuals and businesses alike.

How can I protect the privacy of my information (and identity) but still enjoy the benefits of online?

Over years of working successfully with businesses across a wide range of sectors, some things have become abundantly clear to us. The need to communicate securely and privately online is not exclusive to businesses alone. In fact, an ever-growing number of companies have some ability to communicate securely. Yet the problem of unsecure communication still persists. Why is this?

Whilst solutions do a great job of securing the business and its property, they seldom focus on the recipient. The result is that most companies now have secure email servers in place and business-to-business (B2B) communication is generally pretty secure.

But what happens when a business communicates with an individual (B2C)? And what about individuals that want to communicate securely with other individuals (C2C) or with businesses (C2B)?

It soon becomes apparent how business-focused solutions leave these questions unanswered.

What about the individual?

As for businesses, there is an increasing number of secure email solutions available for the individual. But all of these focus on the individual as the user of the service, not the recipient.

But if the focus is on securing the individual user of the service, what about the people they communicate with?

You can see how the questions begin to stack up?

  • How can businesses communicate outside of their organisation securely?
  • Can this be done in a way that is simple, familiar and convenient for their recipient?
  • How can individuals have the ability to send secure communication and keep their information secure at both ends?

and so on and so on.

The answer? A Private Email service for Everyone.

A solution that is secure and private for both user and recipient, regardless of whether that is a business or an individual. But to securely bridge the gap between B2B, B2C, C2B, and C2C communication is not enough, the service needs to do so in a simple, easy-to-use way.

For businesses users, this means a solution that integrates invisibly with their existing infrastructure and working practices.

For individual users, this means that the solution should provide benefits beyond its use, fit in seamlessly with our habits, and provide all the convenience we are accustomed to when communicating online.

But what about recipients? This notion that the recipient experience does not matter and what matters is solely the delivery of information could not be further from the truth. As more of our communication moves online, one thing remains constant – the people we communicate with matter.

Any online communication service needs to champion the recipient experience. This is especially true for a private email service.

This leave the question: is there a service that can do this?


We redeveloped StayPrivate to be Private Email for Everyone. Our experience providing secure business solutions makes us uniquely qualified to deliver a reliable, secure solution.

We’ve learned a lot from our work with businesses in different sectors. We know that most companies need a lightweight solution which is simple to implement, easy to use, secure and compliant, and offers a seamless and straightforward recipient experience.

We designed StayPrivate to work with businesses’ existing infrastructure and integrate seamlessly into their working practices. But we did not stop there. We listened to the needs and challenges of individuals.

We heard and understood their frustrations of having to ‘jump through hoops’ to access information securely – worse yet if they wanted a secure communication solution to use for themselves. Complicated passwords, long-winded registration processes, clunky user experiences, these are just a few of the frustrations people face when it comes to finding and using a secure email service.

Secure. Safe. Simple.

Individuals need to be confident a solution is secure and will protect their information, but they also need it to be easy to use, rather than feeling like another challenge to conquer.

That’s what we have developed. A robust, secure solution which fits seamlessly into the everyday lives of our users – regardless of whether they are a business or individual.

StayPrivate is truly Private Email for Everyone. Designed to be used by everyone, with anyone.

StayPrivate is changing the world. One email at a time.

We are adapting the online world, creating a better internet. Where the balance of power is distributed evenly, and everyone has control of their data, their digital identity, their story. One email at a time.

We believe you should not have to surrender your human right to privacy to enjoy the benefits of online. We want to make this a reality.

It is only together that we can achieve this. With every new StayPrivate user, every email sent securely using the system, we inch closer to a more private, more secure, fairer internet — an internet on your terms.

Join the StayPrivate community and support us on the path of change now.

The StayPrivate Team

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