Why everyone needs email encryption

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We are using email more than ever. Over 300 billion emails are sent and received every day. Many of these emails are spam, many are marketing, but a good few contain personal information (such as statements, receipts, reports, quotations, invoices, passwords, bank details, personal details, identity documents) which we might previously have sent or received in the form of paper letters.

But personal email accounts are not private. Personal email is provided free of charge by companies who collect and use your data. Now it doesn’t really matter whether Google or Microsoft reads most of your emails, but there are some things you send or receive that you do want to keep private.

That’s where email encryption comes in, keeping emails private so that they can be read only by you and your correspondent.

The other problem with personal email accounts is that they are not particularly secure. Even if you take time to ensure you have all the correct security settings, what about the person at the other end? How do you know whether their account has been hacked?

This is a problem for businesses as much as it is for individuals. Remarkably, personal email accounts are involved in around 70% of successful cyberattacks on businesses*.

Again, email encryption is the best defence.

Before StayPrivate, email encryption solutions were, frankly, a bit of a pain. They were inconvenient to use, did not work with your current email account, and often required specialist skills to set up properly.

No more!

StayPrivate is email encryption for everyone. Get started at stayprivate.com or use one of the links below.

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*According to the UK Government’s Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2022, phishing remains by far the most common form of attack (83%) on businesses. And around 90% of these attacks come from personal email domains, such as Gmail.

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