Smart email encryption

for business

Ensure that emails to unsecure accounts are encrypted, secure & compliant

Compatible with all email servers
Smart logic automatically identifies & encrypts relevant emails
Military-grade encryption
Full legal ownership guaranteed
No disruption, no training, no hassle

How it works for businesses

Use your existing email account to compose and send emails as normal. StayPrivate automatically checks to see if each email needs to be encrypted and encrypts and delivers it securely via the StayPrivate platform.

Emails to properly-configured business mail servers are delivered direct using TLS encryption, so business recipients can read and reply as usual, with zero disruption to existing working practices.

How it works for individuals

Individuals using free webmail accounts and business recipients on mail servers not supporting TLS encryption click on the smart link and set their own PIN to read and reply to the email within the StayPrivate secure environment.

All email conversations and attachments are organized into private channels, providing individuals with a seamless, easy-to-use and enjoyable experience.

Individuals can read and reply using any browser or the StayPrivate mobile app, available free from the Apple and Google app stores.

Trusted by 1000's of businesses worldwide

How StayPrivate helps businesses

Business-to-personal email is a cybersecurity weak spot

Approximately 80% of business cyber breaches originate from email. And around 90% of these attacks are from free webmail accounts. This is true even for pure B2B players.

StayPrivate significantly reduces your exposure to email-based cyberattacks.

Business-to-personal email and non-TLS corporate email is non-compliant

Sending emails containing personal information unencrypted or to free webmail accounts is not only a breach of data privacy regulations, but also a failure of the business's legal obligation of duty of care.

StayPrivate removes email legal & compliance problems instantly and seamlessly.

Unsecure email puts your contacts at risk

Sending or receiving important information to or from unsecure email accounts is bad business practice, putting data at risk and exposing customers to cyberattacks.

Using StayPrivate shows your customers and other business contacts that you care about their data.

Workarounds are inefficient, inconvenient and inconsistent

Password-protected documents, phone calls, or simply hope. Each time it’s a judgement call: bad security or bad service.

StayPrivate automates and simplifies the email encryption process.

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