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Email is more important for business than ever...'s how you do business
Whether communicating with clients, signing agreements or sorting payments, email plays a central role in many core day-to-day business activities.'s a store of important information
Invoices, contracts, reports, ID and so much more: you use your email to collect and store important files and documents everyday.

Business email should be safe, secure, and simple to use

For organisations of all shapes and sizes, email is more than just a tool for communication.

It's how you do business!

Communicating with clients, carrying out crucial business functions, sharing and receiving documents - email plays a central role in how business gets done.

Email is essential for doing business today. Yet it creates a privacy and security risk to your organisation every time you press send - especially if things aren't secure at the recipient end.

Email needs to be secure not only to protect your business, but to safeguard the people you communicate with and the information you share.

You need StayPrivate, email designed for the modern, evolving world.

Your email made more secure, more efficient, more convenient.

Secure by nature
Military-grade encryption, powerful anti-phishing technology, multifactor authentication, suspicious activity alerts and more keep you and your mailbox secure. Read more.
Private notes
Store passwords, account details and more in private notes. Need to share them with a contact? Share them securely directly from your account.
Secure file storage and sharing
Store documents, files, photos and more in your private vault. Need to share them with a contact? Share them securely directly from your account.

Getting started with StayPrivate is simple

Use it like everyone else
Simply sign up free with your existing email address and start sending secure emails straight away using our simple web, desktop and mobile apps.
Recommend it to your contacts
Safeguard yourself and your contacts by recommending they use StayPrivate. Signing up to StayPrivate is quick, easy and free!

Need a more integrated solution for your organisation?

Hook StayPrivate into your existing email client
Send and receive secure emails directly from your business mailbox. Simply sign up to one of our business plans below and follow our simple server set-up process.
£25 per month
Unlimited emails
Includes 5 users
Includes 10GB storage
Each extra user: £2 per month.
Extra units of 10GB storage: £5 per month
£75 per month
Electronic document signing
Auto-deleting emails
Unlimited emails
Includes 10 users
Includes 20GB storage
Each extra user: £4 per month
Extra units of 10GB storage: £5 per month

Contact us for charity, enterprise (over 500 users) or specialist use cases, including read-only emails and permission-based forwarding.

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