The StayPrivate mission: to ensure that things that should be private, stay private

StayPrivate sparked into life in early 2013 when Rob and I were working on an innovative retail investment product for a FTSE100 financial services company.

This product met a clear need and the company wanted to accelerate sales, but there was one problem: the product needed explaining carefully to investors. This was achievable, but the issue was how to prove so to regulators, maybe years later. Signatures at the bottom of legal documents would count for little.

What we needed was a secure, transparent electronic record of the private conversation leading to the sale. But that technology simply did not exist.

It soon became apparent that the need to be able to communicate securely, privately and conveniently with customers was not limited to financial services, but applied to any business providing a service to their clients. And so we set about building StayPrivate.

Several years and millions pounds of investment later, StayPrivate is a thriving business helping companies across a range of sectors, including legal, education, medical, social care and, of course, financial services.

Andrew Brogden

Our People

At StayPrivate, we believe in technology that lets people take control. Our business ethos is similar.

We are a technology company, but we are a people business. Our reputation depends on our people and what they do.

We are expanding rapidly and are hiring new people all the time, from different backgrounds and with different skills, into a wide range of different roles.

If you are interested and think you might have something to offer, please contact us at

Andrew Brogden

Founder & CEO

Andrew was born in Manchester, UK. He has a first class degree in Mathematics and a masters in Mathematics, both from Cambridge University.

Andrew started his career as a management consultant, before moving into derivatives trading. He worked in financial services for over fifteen years, building and heading up trading businesses, specialising in cutting edge technology and mathematical models.

Andrew has a proven track record of advising, developing and investing in successful technology businesses, including Snapchat and Redgate Software.

Rob Reid

Founder & COO

Rob was born in Scotland. He has a first class degree in Actuarial Mathematics & Statistics from Heriot-Watt University and is a qualified actuary.

Rob began his career as a risk manager before moving into financial product design. He worked for nearly twenty years in the banking sector, most notably at NatWest and Santander, running teams that specialised in designing and distributing new products to the retail market.

With his senior level experience in client communication, service, regulation and risk, Rob was one of the first to see the opportunity in the convergence of technological advancements with regulatory changes such as MiFID II, GDPR and the like - what is now known as 'RegTech'.

Huw Parker


Huw was born in Bristol, UK. He has a first class degree in Natural Sciences and a masters in Computing, both from Cambridge University.

Huw has over twenty years' experience designing, developing and maintaining software solutions for the defence industry and other sectors, working for organisations such as the UK Ministry of Defence and NATO.

Huw is an expert in modern information security techniques and practices. His knowledge helps us to ensure that we do what we say and look after your information properly at all times.

Adrian Barnard


Adrian is an experienced technology & telecoms professional and industry commentator. He has founded, built and sold two multi-million-pound award-winning businesses, Modern Communications and Prime Networks.

An expert in commercial partnerships, distribution and the IT reseller channel, Adrian is a regular contributor at TMT events and a judge at the industry’s leading awards.

Adrian is a frequent guest on the BBC and Sky News, analysing breaking stories and providing industry-specific expert commentary.

Alicia Coad


Alicia was born in Manchester, UK, and has a degree in Economics from Durham University.

Alicia has over twenty years marketing experience having worked on a range of strategic partnerships across several industries. She has worked with FTSE 100 companies, large trade associations and more latterly, education and charities. Still working in an advisory role within the Independent Education Sector she has a strong understanding of the needs of education and public sector clients.

Alicia has a uniquely broad perspective from which to understand how the online world is affecting education, social systems and businesses. She speaks regularly on the topic at seminars and conferences across the UK.

Simon Pont


Simon is a British author, commentator and brand-builder. He has held Chief Strategy Officer roles at two global media networks and senior positions at Saatchi & Saatchi and Naked Communications.

He is the best-selling author of 'The Better Mousetrap’, and his most recent book, ‘Digital State' short-listed for ‘Marketing Book of the Year’. Cited as one of the 5 best business books of 2014, Digital State was subsequently translated into Chinese.

Simon consults and lectures around the world on topics relating to the intended and unintended consequences of our Digital Age, is a regular columnist for The Huffington Post, MediaTel Newsline, The Wall and Business 2 Community, and also writes for Forbes and the Financial Times.