Time for email by design
GDPR is an acronym that represents legislative catch-up, but it needs demystifying.
StayPrivate in 20 seconds
What is StayPrivate?
The case for emailing differently
We recognise the risks, now it is time to do something about it.
Businesses need a communications toolkit
Simple, non-disruptive product solutions remove barriers to doing business.
How StayPrivate works
Online safety rules every parent should know
Alicia Coad presents her top online safety tips for busy parents.
Trust in the digital age
Simon Pont, Director of Communications, at the Open Innovations Forum
Why we did what we did
Andrew Brogden describes how StayPrivate started.
A quick guide to subject access requests
What you need to know and what you need to do under GDPR.
7 steps to GDPR compliance
Our one pager on getting compliant under GDPR.
Clients will demand GDPR compliance
Businesses should expect to be challenged by clients.
GDPR is also an email conversation
Ensuring sensitive emails are secure is an important element in ensuring GDPR compliance.
Webmail is a client data giveaway
Free email services cannot be expected to keep sensitive data private
Time to be unreasonable
We all need to be safer online, and we need to do something about it.
An open letter to the open internet
The internet was built on the principle of fairness. That's not exactly how it has turned out.
Email cloning
Emails are copied multiple times as they travel around the globe