Send Private Emails

You can send private emails direct from your current email account. Simply click on the corresponding link below. The Office 365 add-in is currently being upgraded and will be available again very shortly.

You can use the app for sending private emails, file sharing, storage, notes and messaging (coming soon). All in one place, private, secure and available on any of your devices, you can access your StayPrivate environment using one of the native apps (available at the Apple and Google Play app stores) or via the web portal using any web browser.

Forgotten username

You can find your username in the welcome email you received from But do not worry if you cannot find the email, you can sign in with your email address instead of your username.

Forgotten password

To request a password reset, go to any of the apps and tap on 'Request password reset'.

Forgotten PIN

To request a PIN reset, go to any of the apps, log in with your password, and tap on 'Request PIN reset'.


StayPrivate keeps your information off the free internet. Free providers do not provide privacy, they make money from your data. With StayPrivate, emails you send to recipients using free email providers are kept private within the StayPrivate secure communications environment. Emails you send to organizations controlling their own email service are encrypted using TLS and delivered to the organization. The organization has responsibility and duty of care for your data after it has beem delivered.


Multi-layer, military-grade encryption, in transit and at rest. Multi-factor authentication, all apps protected by StayPrivate patent-pending click-and-PIN technology. Transparent privacy - you can see if someone has downloaded a file you shared with them.


StayPrivate is a leading provider of secure communications solutions to businesses, particularly in the financial and health service sectors. Thousands of businesses around the world use StayPrivate every day to ensure the privacy and security of their and their clients' sensitive information.


Multi-geographic resilience, version history, transparent deletion. No back doors, guaranteed. EU GDPR compliance for all users globally. No third party or extra-judicial access, if you are a resident and citizen of Country A spending time in Country B, Country C will in no cirumstances have access to your data. But do please note that StayPrivate complies with the law, including legitimate information access requests.