Ensure that sensitive information remains safe and secure at all times
Ensure that sensitive information
remains safe and secure at all times
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No integration is required. With a full range of integration points including add-ins for all major email clients, you can start using StayPrivate within minutes.

Reduce exposure to fraud and phishing attacks. Protect and control your sensitive data.

Share and revoke at anytime, create groups and individual channels, communicate and share on your terms.

Email Encryption
Send encrypted emails and attachments direct from any email account. Smart links plus PIN security give contacts convenient, secure access.
Secure File Sharing
Each private conversation has its own private vault. Create folders and organise information for future reference.
Electronic Signatures
Confirm agreements quickly and easily using embedded e-sign functionality.
Audit History
Separate audit trail for each private channel enables you to keep track of communications and evidence best practice.
IM Encryption
Send and receive secure instant messages and files.
Branded Web & Mobile Apps
Use on any browser or via the white-labelled Secure Portal app available free on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon app stores.

Client Users

Clients receive email notifications directly into their current email inbox. No download, set up or sign up required.

Compatible with Any Email

Send and receive encrypted emails and attachments directly from your current business email account, to any email account.

Delegation Functionality

Grant users access to other user accounts, for example, to arrange holiday cover, or to enable a personal assistant.

Compliance Users

Set up controller accounts to monitor user activity, provide oversight and ensure compliance.

API, Mobile SDK, Integrations

Build customised solutions and embed secure communications into existing technology, including DMS's, CRM's and Client Portals.


Automatic back-ups and full geographic resilience. Plus additional option to back-up all information to your own external area.

Storage Included

See Pricing for details on data storage included with each package.

UK-based Servers

All servers located in the EU, protected by EU privacy laws and ISO 27001 compliance. Business retains sole ownership and control of all information.

Full Configurable

Enable and disable features. Ensure that you have the appropriate level of security for your company's needs.