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QUORUM protects email and other external communications using two-way encrypted channels. It enables businesses to comply with GDPR regulation and retain full ownership of information shared.

QUORUM enables companies to create, manage and deliver secure communications across all channels, ensuring a consistent, convenient and professional customer experience.

Personal Data Protection is one of the key challenges for businesses today. QUORUM is a secure communication solution which combines the convenience of email with the security of the postal service.

QUORUM at a glance

  • Works with all existing email accounts
  • Requires no IT integration
  • Is easy to use
  • Can be used on any platform and any device
  • Allows you to retain full ownership and control of your information
  • Protects your data with AES-256 military-grade encryption
  • Is fully GDPR compliant



Military grade AES-256 Encryption, fully protected TIER IV data centres, EU data protection, GDPR and industry regulation compliance.


Any message or file you send OR receive is encrypted and kept private.


Works with your existing corporate email accounts. No need to make any changes to the way you do business.


No recipient software required. Unique 4-Digit PIN access. Corporate branding applied throughout.


Use any device. Accessible on all web browsers. Apps available free on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon app stores.


StayPrivate's terms ensure that you retain sole ownership of all your information.

What businesses are saying about QUORUM

"I knew we had a top class internal set up, but once emails left the building that counted for nought. QUORUM solved our problem instantly and elegantly."

Steve, Sequoia

"QUORUM is just so easy to use. It's secure email, file sharing and storage all in one place."

David, SIFA

"QUORUM brings the simplicity and convenience of social media apps to the corporate world, without the security tradeoff."

Greg, Blackberry

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