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Keep your important stuff safe

StayPrivate is free, comes with 1GB storage included, and works alongside your current email account.

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Access your important information whenever and wherever you need it

StayPrivate works on any browser, download the StayPrivate mobile app for iOS and Android, or download the desktop app for Windows and Mac.

Everything in one place

StayPrivate includes encrypted file sharing, encrypted file storage and encrypted notes, all in the same app.

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My Vault File Sharing My Private Email Address Email

Why we all need a private email account

Private messaging is great, yet sometimes we need email.

To communicate with a business.

Or to keep a record of an exchange.

Personal email accounts such as Gmail and Outlook.com aren't private.

Use StayPrivate to keep your important emails and attachments safe.

Don't fall victim

StayPrivate protects you against email fraudsters

Each conversation is organized into its own distinct private channel.

Emails from new contacts are clearly marked.

Emails from suspicious domains are blocked.

Cut the cr@p!

StayPrivate stops spam getting to you

All email senders are subject to strict delivery limits until assessed by our expert team.

Senders are then treated differently depending on the volume of emails they send.

Enterprise-grade security

StayPrivate not only encrypts your information. It includes a full range of security features designed to automatically keep you and your information safe.

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Trusted by individuals and businesses to keep their important emails safe.

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