Email as it should be.

Free. Private. Organized. Encrypted. Spam‑free.

Say goodbye to ads, scammers and stress.


Say goodbye to ads, scammers and stress.


StayPrivate is completely free to use and comes with 15 GB storage included, the same as Gmail.

Need more storage? No problem. Choose from our range of cost-effective storage plans here.


Your data is yours and yours only. We don't read or analyze your emails. We won't ever sell your information or bother you with ads.

That's right - no ads. Not one. Ever!


Find the information you're looking for quickly and easily.

All emails are automatically organized into private channels - just like they are in chat apps. So you never again have to stress about struggling to find information in a cluttered mailbox.


All emails and attachments are encrypted at all times.

Not just in your account, but in transit (on their way), and at the recipient end too. Want to send without encryption? You're in control! Simply turn it off.


Decide who you receive emails from.

StayPrivate automatically blocks nearly all spam emails. But you can go one step further. You choose whom to block or unblock. You're in charge.

Plus everything you need to keep your important stuff safe.

Private file storage and sharing

Store documents, files, photos and more in your private vault. Easily share files with anyone, securely direct from your account.

Private notes

Store passwords, account details and more in private notes.

Enterprise-grade security

Military-grade encryption, anti-phishing technology, multifactor authentication, suspicious activity alerts and more keep you and your emails secure. Find out more.

The easiest switch you'll ever make

We know everyone uses email differently, and moving to a new email can seem daunting.

So, we designed things so that you can use StayPrivate as your main email account. Or you can keep your existing email and use StayPrivate alongside it, receiving notifications of new StayPrivate emails into your existing email account.

Your email - wherever you are, on all your devices

The world has changed. It's time email did too.

We love email. How it connects us with anyone, anywhere, anytime. How it keeps a record of what was said. How it's so damned useful.

But we don't love what email has become.

Cluttered, spam-filled mailboxes with no control over whom we get emails from, no way to stop scammers, and nothing to stop the ads or the snooping.

We thought it was time for something better. So, we built it.

We kept all of email's best bits and reimagined the rest. The result? Email that's free, private, organized, encrypted and spam-free.

StayPrivate is email as it should be.

We're trusted by hundreds of thousands of individuals and businesses.