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Bridging the email privacy gap
Ensure that business emails to and from personal email accounts are secure and compliant
Military-grade encryption
Full legal ownership
No tracking, no adverts, no data mining
GDPR compliance
Prevents phishing attacks
Works with any email account
Keep important emails safe
How it works for businesses

Use your existing email account to compose the email as normal, simply including your chosen keyword anywhere in the email.

The email and any replies will automatically be protected and delivered securely via the StayPrivate platform.

Business-to-business emails are delivered using TLS, and emails to individuals are kept secure in StayPrivate.

How it works for individuals

Individuals click on the smart link and set their own PIN to read and reply to the email in the StayPrivate secure area.

All emails are organised neatly into private channels, providing individuals with a seamless, easy-to-use experience.

They can access via any browser or use the mobile apps - available free from the Apple and Google app stores.

Protect information

Keep sensitive information private, including salaries, quotations, transactions and board minutes.

Ensure compliance

Ensure your email communications are compliant with CCPA, HIPAA, GDPR and other regulations.

Prevent cyberattacks

Over 80% of phishing attacks are from free email accounts. Prevent phishing, identity theft and other email-based attacks and scams.

Stop data leaks

Prevent data leakage by keeping information secure even after it leaves your company email server.

Build trust

Show your customers, employees and other stakeholders that you care about them and their data.

Make savings

Reduce costs, save time & help the environment by using StayPrivate instead of the postal service.

It takes less than 10 minutes to configure a corporate email domain to work with StayPrivate.
Client communications

As business communication has moved online it has created more opportunities for online crimes, such as phishing and identity theft.

Personal email accounts are an easy target for criminals looking to steal information or money.

Use StayPrivate to make sure that email threads to and from clients remain safe.

Password resets

Password resets are a security weak point.

Email is not secure but the postal service is slow and costly, meaning delays and frustration for clients.

Use StayPrivate to send password resets securely and immediately.

Employee correspondence

Emailing personal information, such as CVs, P45s, illness, complaints and disciplinary information is common practice but not compliant with data privacy laws such as CCPA, HIPAA and GDPR.

Use StayPrivate to protect employee information.


Unprotected email invoices are easily intercepted.

Use StayPrivate to ensure that invoicing and payment information is secure at all times.

Working from home

Emailing company documents home is convenient and sometimes necessary. But it is not secure and often against company policy.

Use StayPrivate to ensure that all emails and attachments are secure and compliant with data protection laws.

Data subject access requests (DSARs)

Data protection laws require you to provide DSAR information in a concise, intelligible, transparent and easily accessible form. It recommends that information should be delivered securely via electronic transfer.

Use StayPrivate to deliver DSARs quickly and easily.

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