Secure Communication For Businesses, Individuals and Families

Every time we communicate online we scatter new digital breadcrumbs, information about ourselves, our interests, what we are doing, where we are, what we like. Built on the principle of openness, the internet has made communicating and sharing so much easier.

Yet there is a downside: data theft, identity fraud, hacks and cyber 'heists'. The threat to us all, to our professional and private worlds, is very real.

Our Products

SyncedUp: transparently private communication for individuals

  •  PRIVATE - send private emails, messages, videos, images to friends, contacts or businesses
  •  CONVENIENT - use your existing phone number and/or email address
  •  ORGANISED - keep track of histories and private vaults for each conversation
  •  SECURE - AES256 military-grade encryption and Tier IV data centres
  •  FREE - up to 500MB storage
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QUORUM: secure business communication

  • Send and receive secure emails (including attachments and electronic signatures)
  • Easy-to-use and works with any existing corporate email domain and email client
  • Convenient click-and-PIN access for contacts and clients
  • Accessible on any mobile device or a web browser
  • Secured by AES256 encryption and stored in fully protected TIER IV data centres
  • You retain sole ownership and control over all your data
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ChatFOSS: friends only stay safe

  • Instant messaging, photo sharing, video chat without the risks
  • All users private and can only be contacted by existing friends
  • Parental controls allow children appropriate privacy
  • No advertising; no in-app purchases; no profile pages
  • Online communication with peace of mind
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What people are saying about us

"I knew we had a top class internal set up, but once emails left the building that counted for nought. QUORUM solved our problem instantly and elegantly."

Steve, Sequoia

"QUORUM is just so easy to use. It's secure email, file sharing and storage all in one place."

David, SIFA

"QUORUM brings the simplicity and convenience of social media apps to the corporate world, without the security tradeoff."

Greg, Blackberry