Fix the TLS Gap

Combine the security of enforced TLS with the convenience of opportunistic TLS.

Over 90% of business emails are encrypted in transit by TLS.
Make this 100% - without affecting deliverability.

Guaranteed encryption

StayPrivate works at a mail server level, checking every email sent to an external domain.

If TLS is present and properly configured on the recipient mail server, the email is sent as normal. If not, StayPrivate steps in and encrypts the email directly.

Be confident that every email you send is encrypted and compliant with data privacy laws.

Seamless recipient experience

TLS recipients

If the receiving mail server is correctly configured for TLS-encrypted email, the email is delivered as usual using TLS encryption.

Non-TLS recipients

If the receiving mail server isn't correctly configured for TLS-encrypted email, StayPrivate encrypts the content and sends a notification email to your recipient. They simply click on the link and set a 4-digit PIN of their choice to read and reply to the email securely.

Importantly, the email is still 'delivered' to the recipient. They can access the email whenever they want. And if they forget their PIN, they can easily reset it themselves.

Full encryption as you need it

Want to go one step further and ensure an email also remains encrypted AFTER it arrives with the recipient?

Simply compose the email as normal and just add the text #private anywhere in the email body or subject.

It's that simple!

Pricing that works for you

Pay monthly, cancel any time, no strings attached.
Get started with a 7-day free trial.
£10 per month*
Includes up to 5 users
£1 per additional user per month*
Includes access to full StayPrivate email encryption at £7.50 per user per month*
Includes access to StayPrivate document signing at £10 per user per month*
*Prices exclude VAT. Access to full email encryption and document signing is included free.
You only pay for users who actually use these features.

Specialist pricing?

Contact us for charity, enterprise (over 250 users) or specialist use cases, including read-only emails and permission-based forwarding.

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