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Log into the StayPrivate web or desktop app and compose an email. Add attachments if required, and hit send.

That's it! StayPrivate will do the rest.

Seamless recipient experience,
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Business recipients

To maximise convenience for all recipients, we treat business and personal recipients differently.

If the receiving business mail server is correctly configured for TLS-encrypted email*, we deliver emails to business accounts directly using TLS encryption. The business then takes over the duty of care for the information contained in the email.

*If the business email server isn't configured to accept TLS-encrypted email, we send the email as if the recipient were using a personal email account - as described below.

Personal recipients

Because personal email accounts aren't secure, we do the securing. Emails to personal email accounts (such as Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo) are kept encrypted within the StayPrivate environment.

We send a notification email to your recipient letting them know that they have received an encrypted email. They simply click on the link and set a 4-digit PIN of their choice to read and reply to the email securely.

Importantly, the email is still 'delivered' to the recipient. They can access the email whenever they want. And if they forget their PIN, they can easily reset it themselves.

Direct from your current email, no downloads required

Server integration option

Our simple, automated server integration allows you to send encrypted emails directly from your existing business email account.

No new apps, no plugins. Simply use your existing email and just add the text #private anywhere in the email body or subject.

It's that simple!

Pricing that works for you

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Get started with a 7-day free trial.
£5 per month*
Unlimited encrypted emails with up to 50 recipients per year
150 MB maximum attachment size
File sharing
4 GB maximum file upload size
Includes 25 GB storage
£15 per month*
Everything from Basic
Your branding
Optional server integration
Includes 2 users
£7.50 per additional user per month*
£30 per month*
Everything from Professional
Unlimited document signing requests
Includes 2 users
£15 per additional user per month*
*Prices exclude VAT. For Professional and Ulimate, storage allocation is 25 GB per user and 100 recipients per user; allocations can be shared between users; extra units of 25 GB storage / 100 recipients are £5 per month.

Specialist pricing?

Contact us for charity, enterprise (over 50 users) or specialist use cases, including read-only emails and permission-based forwarding.

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