Built For Everyone

Because email should work for everyone in our society - especially the vulnerable

We built StayPrivate so that EVERYONE can keep their important information safe.

When we say everyone, we genuinely mean EVERYONE.

Email is important for us all. But it's even more important when using it to communicate sensitive information.

We wanted StayPrivate to work for and protect the most vulnerable in our society.

That's why, as well as being easy to use, spam-free, encrypted, private and organized, we made StayPrivate free!

StayPrivate is better, encrypted email for EVERYONE.

Secure, private, encrypted

Use StayPrivate to send and receive encrypted, confidential emails with anyone.

Every StayPrivate account is protected by enterprise-grade security protocols, so you can have complete confidence that your important information is safe and secure.

Works the way you want it to

Use StayPrivate as your main email account or alongside your current email.

You can choose whether or not to receive notifications of new StayPrivate emails in your existing email account.

Your email, you decide!

Working with vulnerable people or others who would benefit from free, private email?

Simply add the text below to your website:

We recommend using encrypted email for sensitive communications. StayPrivate offers free, easy-to-use encrypted email that works either alongside or with your existing email account. Sign up at https://stayprivate.com/sign-up.