How StayPrivate works

Email encryption that's convenient for everyone

StayPrivate is the easy way to send and receive private, encrypted emails.

Sending encrypted emails as an individual user

Log into your account using your browser at or via the app, available free from the Apple and Google app stores.

Compose and send an email. It will automatically be encrypted and delivered safely. There's literally nothing else to worry about.

Sending encrypted emails as a business user

Business users simply send emails like normal. StayPrivate automatically encrypts emails depending on the email content and the identity of the recipients.

There are three encryption options, enabling you to choose whether automatically encrypt all emails sent to personal accounts or just those emails identified as containing sensitive information

Encrypted emails to properly configured corporate domains are delivered direct using TLS, whereas emails to personal domains (and unprotected corporate domains) are encrypted for recipients to access via the StayPrivate secure environment.

Receiving encrypted emails as an individual

Emails to and from free email providers (such as Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo) are encrypted and stored in the StayPrivate secure environment.

Individual users receive notifications of incoming encrypted emails in their personal email account. To read the email content, they simply click the link and set a 4-digit PIN. The email will open in the browser or, if installed, the StayPrivate app.

For even more convenience, users can enable biometric authentication in the app to save needing to enter their PIN.

Receiving encrypted emails as a business user

StayPrivate delivers email content directly to organizations using TLS encryption. Once the email arrives at the corporate server, the organization takes over the duty of care to keep the information safe - much as if it took delivery of a letter via the postal service.