StayPrivate acts as a secure interface between the (secure) corporate network and the (unsecure) outside world, allowing companies to conveniently send and exchange information securely with external parties.

Each company is assigned its own independent, secure environment, including a company-specific URL, where all communications and information are safely stored. All information is protected using AES-256 encryption, held in UK-located, fully protected data centres, and subject to strict policy and security protocols.


Military-level AES-256 encryption; in transit and in storage; patent pending no trail PIN authentication; geographic resilience; secure servers actively monitored 24/7.


EU data protection and GDPR compliance; all data remain in the EU under sole ownership of company; ISO 27001 and industry regulations including FCA, SRA, FINRA, HIPAA.


Value-added customer experience; easy access from email or phone via click and PIN; no password required; communications and histories organised in one place.

Designed for the corporate environment, StayPrivate enables you and your contacts to do business securely and compliantly.
Designed for the corporate environment, StayPrivate enables you and your contacts to do business securely and compliantly.
No download required. Use from any device, email or browser or via the free white-labelled apps.
Works with any existing email account. No need to make any changes to the way you do business.
Retain complete control and exclusive ownership of all information.
Fully white-labelled so that you can apply your own log and colours throughout.
Any message or file you send OR receive is encrypted and kept private.
Works automatically with your existing systems and processes.

"StayPrivate is just so easy to use. It's secure email, file sharing and storage all in one place."

David, SIFA

"I knew we had a top class internal set up, but once emails left the building that counted for nought. StayPrivate solved our problem instantly and elegantly."

Steve, Sequoia

"StayPrivate brings the simplicity and convenience of social media apps to the corporate world, without the security tradeoff."

Greg, Blackberry

What businesses think about StayPrivate

StayPrivate's secure communication solution is helping businesses of all sizes to communicate safely, securely and conveniently with their clients and other contacts.

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