Protecting Emails

Sending emails

All emails you send using StayPrivate are automatically encrypted and kept private*.

Compose and send an email. It will automatically be encrypted and delivered securely. There's literally nothing else to worry about.

* Want to send your email without encryption? No problem. It's your email, you're in control. Downgrade to standard (opportunistic) TLS email encryption, if you prefer.

How your emails are received

To ensure that your emails remain private at all times, our systems use smart logic to treat business and personal recipients differently.

We deliver emails to business accounts directly using TLS encryption*. The business then takes over the duty of caring for your information.

Because personal email accounts aren't secure, we do the securing. We keep emails to personal email accounts (such as Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo) secure within the StayPrivate environment. We send a notification email to your recipient letting them know that they have received an encrypted email from you. They simply click the link in the email and set a 4-digit PIN of their choice to read and reply to the email securely.

*If the business email server isn't configured to accept TLS-encrypted email, we treat the recipient as if they were using a personal email account.

Business users

If your business is using one of our integrated Professional solutions, you can send encrypted emails direct from your corporate email account.

All you need to do is include your keyword anywhere within the email subject or content. The email will automatically be encrypted and delivered securely to all recipients.