Protecting your inbox

Stopping spam and scams

Spam and scams are a pain. Even when you don't fall for the trap, unwanted emails are an annoyance and a waste of time.

We maintain a directory of verified domains. All email domains are subject to tight volume limits until they have been actively verified by one of our security experts. This prevents mass phishing campaigns and stops the vast majority of spam and scams.

Blocking & unblocking

Better email means you are in control. Block a sender and you won't receive any more emails from them - unless you decide to unblock them.

To keep your email free from spam and scams, we automatically block any suspicious senders. But to make sure you don't accidentally miss anything important, we'll send you a weekly email with a list of all blocked senders.

You can find all your blocked senders in your 'Blocked List'. This is also where you go to unblock senders.

New sender identification

We automatically organize all your emails into private channels based on the identities of sender and recipients. Each channel has its own unique conversation history with all emails sent or received, so that you can easily keep track and spot anything fishy.

We don't just stop there though. As well as putting it into a separate channel, we'll automatically add a warning note to the top of any email you receive from a new sender.

No ads, no tracking

We are different to other large webmail providers, such as Gmail and, who access your data to know more about you, to deliver you targeted ads, and to 'monetize' you in other ways. We believe that you should be able to access, read and reply to your emails in peace.

That's right - no ads. Not one. And that's a guarantee.