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Say goodbye to spam, scammers & stress.

Say hello to organized, private email.

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No data mining. No tracking. No ads. Guaranteed.
Stop the spam

StayPrivate automatically blocks nearly all spam and scam emails, leaving only legitimate emails in your inbox.

Find out how StayPrivate protects your inbox.

Automatically organized

Don't stress struggling to find information in a cluttered mailbox.

StayPrivate automatically organizes your emails into private channels. Think of your favorite chat apps like WhatsApp, but with email.

Find out how StayPrivate keeps you organized.

Your data is yours only

Your information is encrypted and private at all times.

We don't read or analyze your emails. We won't sell your information or bother you with ads - that's a guarantee.

Find out how StayPrivate keeps your data private.

Everything you need to manage your important information online

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Private file storage & sharing

Store documents, files, photos and more in your private vault. Share files securely direct from your account.

Document editing & signing

Open, sign and return attachments direct from your email. No more need to print out documents to sign or forms to fill.

Full email encryption

Make sure important emails stay private, not just in your account and in transit, but also after they arrive at the recipient end too.

Private notes

Store passwords, account details and more in private notes, secure and available on all your devices.

Your email - wherever you are, on all your devices

The world has changed. It's time email did too.

We love email. How it connects us with anyone, anywhere, anytime. How it keeps a record of what was said. How it's so damned useful.

But we don't love what email has become.

Cluttered, spam-filled mailboxes with no control over whom we get emails from, no way to stop scammers, and nothing to stop the ads or the snooping.

We thought it was time for something better. So, we built it.

We kept all of email's best bits and reimagined the rest. The result? Email that's free, private, organized, encrypted and spam‑free.

StayPrivate is email as it should be.

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